Monday, December 8, 2008


Wind Turbines
If you have an average wind speed of 10 mph in your area and your usage and/or cost of electricity is high then this method is for you. ... I have submitted a diagram to explain the installation process and each relevant component. Cost is relevant to the size of installation and how much electricity you want to generate. Wind turbines can be connected to your house in several ways to reduce the amount of your bill. For a more detailed description on the concept with a free site survey and cost estimate, call BULLDOG ELECTRIC today at 540-219-7723

Simplified Diagram of a Grid-tie Wind Turbine System with Battery Backup for Home: 1) wind turbine on tower 2) wind turbine controller 3) battery bank 4) grid-tie inverter 5) utility meter to track how much energy is fed into the electric grid (6.) Utility grid.